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What to do when it's too hot to do anything?

Most of the United States is experiencing a pretty intense heat wave, and here in North Texas, it's looking a lot like we might be in for a VERY hot summer. When it's just too hot to go outside and a new variant of Omicron is spreading, you might want to stay home and inside most days. How can you keep the kids active, engaged, and cool during these heavy days? We have some ideas for you!

Roll out your mat and do some yoga! You can find some videos online, sure, but how about creating your own yoga stories and practices? Grab a yoga deck (you can find our digital download deck on our e-shop, here ) and pick 5-6 poses to do together. If your kids are reading, have them instruct you! Come up with a story together to go with your cards... we love going on a "hike" in our minds. Let each child come up with an idea about what you could find or see on your imaginary hike to go with each pose!

Not feeling that creative? Play yoga bingo! You can find a DDL for ours here that you can print at home! Play to a bingo or a blackout... it can take some time to get there! After your practice, ask which poses your child liked best and which they found challenging. Make a plan to work on those poses that were a challenge!

Foods can help you keep cool, too. Making sure you drink lots of water, even when you are indoors, is vital in the heat. You can also choose foods that are naturally cooling. We look to Ayurveda for these foods. ""In general, water-based foods such as cucumber, zucchini, greens, berries, coconut, and watermelon are cooling," Alter says. Dr. Dempsey says Western medicine supports this, too. "The key to cooling the body down from the inside, from a Western medicine perspective, is to keep hydrated. Fruits like watermelon and vegetables like celery contain a lot of water and minerals that help with hydration." " (source)

You can make your own popsicles with three ingredients that are not only cooling, but hydrating as well.

Watermelon & Coconut Water Popsicles (adapted from Food With Feeling)

2 cups seedless watermelon

1 cup coconut water

+/-1 T maple syrup or agave nectar or other liquid sweetener of your choice, to taste

Place watermelon in a blender. Start processing and slowly add coconut water. Add a little bit of sweetener at a time to taste.

Pour watermelon coconut water mixture into forms. Freeze for at least 6 hours. Or, place in frozen "slush cups" to create your own frozen slush!

Yummy additions are lime juice, fresh mint leaves, or fresh basil leaves. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar is delicious, too, especially for the adult palate!

Whatever you do, move your body, nourish your body, and take time to just BREATHE!


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