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parenthood is like gardening and our children are the flowers

“The daughter”, as we so kindly refer to our oldest child, graduated last weekend from The George Washington University located in Washington, DC. She majored in Business with a minor in Theater, which is her passion! Avery Ruthe Yoss arrived in this world January 20, 2000, and my life has never been the same. Being a mom is simultaneously the greatest and hardest gift depending upon the day. It is a gift that never gets thrown away or put at the back of the closet.

I have heard the saying,”Children are like flower seeds given to you with no instructions,” many times throughout my parenting journey. This totally resonates with me as a parent.. How are these seeds going to grow? Do they need a lot of sun or a little sun? Are they tropical, needing lots of water or are they more of a succulent? Do they prefer cool air or hot air? How do they get oxygen? So many questions, so many changes, successes, and failures. As parents we try to understand what environment is going to be the most beneficial for these flowers to thrive and grow.

During the years of trial-and-error parenting, I realized that learning to breathe was going to be both necessary and helpful. In 2005, I found yoga and I became a happier person. Avery must have felt some of the change because she wanted to have a yoga birthday party. Yoga intrigued her and we thought it would be fun. Although the party was a success, I knew that there had to be a more child-centric yoga practice available. I thought there has to be a way to reach kids on their level and share with them the benefits I had found for myself in the practice of yoga. I found a teacher in LA that specialized in yoga for children (before it was even much of a “thing” and took a weekend workshop. I fell in love!. On my flight home to Dallas I knew I wanted to share the gift of yoga with my children as a parent and also as an instructor.

As I continue to practice and study yoga, I realize that yoga is not just about being on your mat. It is about how you move through life. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a practice that shows us our choices… you get to choose how to respond to your life’s journey. As my children began to grow, I understood how important it was to let them fly and in doing so I needed to stay grounded and balanced.

How did I feel watching Avery graduate? I felt lucky, proud and honored!! I will continue to be a supportive soul wherever her next journey takes her. I know that without yoga in my life, this parenting journey would have been much more difficult. I am proud of the strong, balanced, and flexible flower I helped to grow.

With gratitude



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