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Step into a world where imagination and laughter echo through the air! In our yoga and mindfulness classes for kids, we cultivate inner peace and outer strength.   Every pose becomes an adventure, every breath a journey into the moment, and every class is filled with lessons in calm and focus.


Through games, stories, and playful movements, children embark on a magical exploration of their inner selves, discovering strength, balance, and flexibility to help develop discipline, empathy and self-assurance along the way. Join yogees in this supportive environment  where little yogees blossom like flowers grounded into the earth while their hearts soar like playful butterflies!



  • Approximately 30-45 minutes long

  • We begin by setting our intentions - breathing to prepare for a mental and physical workout

  • Then we go into a Sun Salutation - warms up the body

  • And then it's on to our adventure  - expressed though literature, games and music

  • Mindful Bite - each class includes a Mindfulness practice tailored to the age, ability and needs of the students

  • Finally, Savasana - cool down that relaxes both the body and the mind



  • Yogees will teach children to develop self awareness, and have fun in a supportive, nurturing, yogees environment.

  • Yogees is a powerful way for children to shape strong, healthy bodies in a safe, non-competitive way.

  • Yogees can be practiced anywhere and requires no special tools.

  • Yogees has been proven highly effective in helping children become balanced and well-rounded individuals.

  • Yogees builds patience, self understanding and confidence.

  • Yogees approach to yoga strengthens imagination and helps each child enhance their creative thinking skills.

  • Yogees is engaging and is fun for all children.


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