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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any kid participate in yoga?

The answer is yes.  Yogees is an opportunity for a child to never have to worry about doing something wrong.  With yogees all you have to do is try.

What are the benefits for my child participating in yoga?

            1) It builds self esteem and self respect.
            2) It improves energy and stamina
            3) It helps to calm and reduce stress  in children.

Is yoga a competitive sport?

It is one of few if not the only sport that are non-competitive that a child can participate in.  For instance, there are no medals awarded at the end of a yogees session.

Can my child get hurt doing yoga?

yes.  Any physical activity poses a possibility of hurting oneself, especially if you have a very active child.  However, when practiced mindfully, yoga improves a child’s physical health.  This happens through building muscular strength.  For instance a twist allows a child to wring out the central core.

Can children really lie still for shavasana “resting pose”?

Yes and with this concentration, it can carry over into a child’s everyday life including school.

How does yogees help my child’s mind?

yogees style of yoga promotes imagination, creative thinking skills and encourages original thought.  Mindfulness is also an added component.

Are yoga poses difficult for a child?

No.  A child being challenged is an important part of life.  Challenges can be opportunities to achieve a personal goal.  Challenging poses will be introduced, but the child will have to chance to modify to their level ofconfidence.

Is yoga fun?

Yes, especially with the yogees approach.


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