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Birthdays, Holidays, and Just-Because with #yy4k

Same old birthday parties for your kids leaving you stumped for an idea for this year? Let us design a yoga birthday party specifically customized for a day your child will always remember. We provide all the yoga mats, props and music to ensure a fun-filled yogees celebration. And we can get as creative as you like.

Some party themed ideas:
-Spa Party
-Pajama Party
-Rise & Shine Party
-Yogurt & Yoga Party
-Adventure to the zoo, a hike, or even the beach. 

Yogees Birthday Parties are about 45 minutes long. 

Pricing depends on the number of children, type of craft. and if we provide a party favor. Please call or email to discuss your child's next birthday party! 

Celebrate your loved one’s special occasion with a themed party customized just for them!
Pricing starts at $150/session!

Grown-Up Parties
Social Group Parties


at your home

Whether it's too hot or too cold, there's always some excuse your kids give you about not wanting to go outside and get some excersise. Why don't you let Yogees bring the exercise to you!? We can create a custom class for your kids, your kids and their friends, your whole neighborhood if you'd like. We love bringing our engaging and fun yogees yoga to homes all over the MetroPlex. Whether it's for a special occasion or something you'd like to involve your children in on a regular basis, we'd love to come up with some ideas for a yogees class made just for you! 

at your studio

So you have your yoga studio that you love and take classes at all the time. Only problem is they don't have anything for your kids to do while you're in class. We teach kids yoga at several studios around town and would love to talk to you about starting Yogees classes for kids at your studio. We'll do all the work. We just need to know where we are needed. So if you are interested in bringing kids yoga classes to your can't go without yoga studio, please give us a call or email us to discuss.


We fancy ourselves pretty creative. And absolutely believe that yoga can be enjoyed just about anywhere. We already teach yogees classes at homes, malls, studios and schools. And we love the idea of creating new yogees classes in parks, at the zoo, by the lake…really any place that you can think of. We love partnering up with schools and business and organizations to bring yoga to children all over North Texas. So if you have an idea for a new Yogees class, no matter how crazy, please give us a call or email us and we'll find a way to create a very special and unique yogees class for your children - ANYWHERE!

Parties at Yoga Art Music (YAM), Lake Highlands 


yogees yoga 4 kids is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Yoga Art Music in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas!  YAM can help plan your party from space rental to catering and yogees yoga 4 kids can be there to add the yoga fun!  You can book directly through YAM.  Check them out!

Birthday Party Table

Parties at Kids Garden Club 

yogees yoga 4 kids is pleased to announce our partnership with Kids Garden Club in Dallas!  KGC can plan your party to a "t" and yogees yoga 4 kids can be there to add the yoga fun!  You can book directly through KGC.  Check them out!

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