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yy4k classroom yoga and mindfulness training for educators

Are you interested in teaching yoga and/or mindfulness to kids within the school classroom? #yy4k has affordable, campus-based training for elementary through high-school educators and administrators.

Our classroom mindfulness training is a one-day, 8 hour training that includes all three facets of learning: lecture, practice and practice teaching. Our elementary program creates a foundation for a life-long mindfulness practice based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programming created by Jon Kabat-Zinn and years of classroom teaching experience and a background of study of child development. This portion of the program creates a layered experience... introducing new, age-appropriate, and achievable practices, called "Mindful Bites", each year from grades K-5. Our middle school program expands upon these practices to encourage and empower students and faculty to use mindfulness beyond the classroom. In high-school, we encourage self-practice after learning the skills of mindfulness to take into the classroom and beyond, preparing students to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives beyond the walls of the school and into careers or college.

Our classroom yoga and mindfulness programming options are 1-, 2- and 3-day programs that provide classroom educators, physical education teachers, counselors and support staff the tools to use both yoga and mindfulness within the classroom setting with a focus on reading and literature. Our unique style of yoga for children and teens combines yoga and real-world literature to create an engagement in the practice of yoga as well as an embodied experience with reading, which has been shown to increase comprehension.

Our program rates are competitive as well as accessible. Please email Curriculum Director, Heather Hopper, at

for scheduling and further information!

*No refunds, no exceptions. Cancellations not available within 30 days of the start of training sessions. Training agreements are considered binding once a final confirmation of training dates are confirmed and invoice has been sent.



What are teachers saying about our program?

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together with Heather as always!  In fact, that's why I keep inviting her back year after year. She has such a sunny disposition and brings encouragement to all who attend, not to mention her knowledge base is clearly outstanding.  My day was brighter, and I felt more capable of bringing that same relaxation, that's so important to our daily health routine, to others through the methods she taught.

- Audra Hooker, Director of PE/Health/Wellness, Midland ISD

I really enjoyed Heather's training yesterday called Mindfulness for Children and Teachers. Everything she presents can by used for children and adults of all ages. I can't wait to teach my students Mindfulness! Thank you Heather; you are awesome!!

- Trinell Burkhart, Educator, Midland ISD

If you are looking for an instructor to teach mindfulness and/or yoga, Heather is FANTASTIC! Heather is fun and has so much knowledge to share!

- Stacey Schaefer, Educator, Midland ISD

yogees yoga 4 kids is a TEA-approved CPE Provider for Texas Educators (Provider #902-890)

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