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Meditation in the carpool line

So many of us as parents seem to struggle finding time to take to be still and quiet, myself included. Some days it feels like if we don’t get up at 4:30 AM, there’s just not time to fit it into the day. That’s why I love carpool meditation… Arriving a little bit early, sitting in the car with my feet on the floorboard and tush in the seat and just taking a few minutes to be quiet, still, and breathe.

Sunday, quiet in my room is a little bit here, so I just sit listening to the sound of the air conditioner (or heater in the winter). If the weather is temperate, I might turn the car off and roll the windows down, enjoy and breed that might pass through. Other days, I need help with my focus. I might listen to a guided meditation on my favorite app, insight timer, or pull up I recorded meditation on YouTube just so I could listen to my friend Erica’s voice.

I’m actually creating this blog post, right now, waiting for my son to get out of school. My next step, turning everything off, and taking a few breaths so that I can greet him and be present to hear all about what happened during the day. My afternoons are better when I take time to pause and be.


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