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Gratitude Family Yoga Practice

A great way to practice gratitude is to be thankful for the bodies we live and breathe in every day. This short practice with gratitude affirmations will help the whole family feel alive, connected to each other, and grounded in gratitude.

Mountain Pose

With feet together and firm on the ground, stand tall with hands at "namaste". Reach your arms over your head and say "Thank you, sun, for the warmth and light you give us. Thank you for helping plants grow!" Bring your hands back to your heart.

Forward fold

From mountain pose, hinge at the hip and bring your hands to your legs, feet, or floor. You should let your knees bend a little bit. As you fold forward, say "Thank you Earth, for being solid and firm. Thank you for allowing plants, animals, and people live on your surface."


From your forward fold, step one foot back to a lunge. Lift your chest and head forward and say, "Thank you, home. Thank you, safe space." Think of the place you feel most loved, protected and cared for. That is your home, whether it is where you live or not.

Down Dog

From, lunge, step your front leg back to downdog, so that your body makes a big "V" shape with your tush in the air. Say to yourself or out loud, "Thank you, body. You are strong and carry my heart and my soul. I am grateful for each part of my body."

Low lunge, other leg

Step the other foot forward, so that you are in a lunge on the other leg. Lift your head and chest and repeat, "Thank you, trusted grown-ups. I am thankful for the people in my life that make me feel safe, loved, and supported."

Frog Pose

Step your back foot up and lower your tush into yoga squat. Take a breath in and a breath out and say, "Thank you, breath. You are always there to remind me that I am okay. As I breathe in, I breathe in gratitude. As I breathe out, I breathe out fear."

Rock and roll/ Bridge

Drop your tush to the ground, wrap your arms around your legs, and rock and roll onto your back. Once you are there, put your feet flat on the ground. With your arms by your sides and your nose pointing straight up, press your belly up towards the ceiling or sky. In your bridge, say, "Thank you, voice. I am grateful for the ability to speak and communicate with others."

Happy Baby

From bridge, bring your tush back to the floor. Bring your knees into the chest and grab your feet. Have your arms inside of your knees. Rock from side to side and say, "Thank you, friends and loved ones. I am grateful for the love and care you share with me."


Stretch your body out into a comfortable position lying on your back. Place one hand over your heart and one hand on your belly. Breathe in and out and say, "Thank you, heart, for letting me love and feel. Thank you belly, for guiding my heart and head to make the right choices for me." Continue breathing in and out for a few minutes. Keep your focus on your breath in and breath out. When your mind starts thinking, just remember to keep your focus on your breathing. When you are ready, bend your knees, roll on your side, and sit up in easy sitting pose. Namaste.


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