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Summers in the Studio, by Jazmin Nova

Summers in the studio are truly like no other... the summer studio was my gateway into adulthood. I believe that although I didn’t start in the studio from a young age, I have definitely grown up in my years of being here. Being surrounded by the amazing crew at Swimmers by Jessica and Yogees Yoga 4 Kids has truly been amazing! Each year at the studio brings so many new opportunities to learn and grow, not only for the kids that attend the classes, but also for the staff. I, for example, have learned that sometimes facing life with the heart of a child is really the best way to approach all of the new challenges that life may throw at me.

Throughout my four years at the studio, I have been presented the opportunity to watch some of the kids who’s first year was also my first year become such great little leaders each year that they come back. They have really been able to find themselves throughout the years while navigating a world with a global pandemic. These are the kids that have taught me that being strong is not only a physical attribute but also an emotional one, and that sometimes being strong also means being vulnerable with those that care about you.

So what do summers in the studio mean to me? Well that’s really quite simple, they mean opportunity, growth and most importantly, Love.

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