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DIY No-Sew Sock Eye Pillow

Why make an eye pillow to use as a part of your yoga and relaxation practice? It is fun, easy, and makes a great tool for calming. It can even be used heated or frozen for strains and injuries!

What do you need?

Pair of kids socks

2 cups of rice or flax seeds, or a mix of the two

Rubber bands

Essential oils (Lavender, chamomile, rosemary or sage are relaxing scents)


What do you do?

Measure rice/flax into a bowl. Add 4 drops of oil and stir gently. Give a sniff and add a few more drops, if desired. Stir again. Using a funnel, add 1 cup of scented rice/flax to one sock. Tie off end with a rubber band and finish with a bit of ribbon. Repeat with second sock. During savasana, place pillow over eyes or on the belly for a soothing and grounding effect. Can be frozen and used like a cold pack for bruising and injury or heated for 30 seconds in the microwave for soothing heat.

How to care for your pillow?

Keep eye pillow in a cool, dry place with ventilation (not in a plastic bag). Rice/flax blend can be replaced every 3-4 months for freshness and/or to change the scent. Sock can be washed as usual after emptied of rice and before replacing rice. Enjoy!


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