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Strength is not only a measurement of how many chaturangas you can do or how much weight you can lift; Strength is a part of your character. Do you have the strength to be a positive example in your children's lives, as well in the lives of others? Do you choose your battles wisely? Do you demonstrate love and compassion to your children on a daily basis? Do you hold fast to your moral compass so it will direct you from right and wrong? Our children are watching us. They watch our every move and hear our every word. It takes strength to be sensitive and empathetic and to make positive changes around us. The strength gained from yoga is not just that of muscle mass and toned abs. Yoga enables us to build strength of mind and spirit as well as the body. Practicing yoga renews our energy, reinforces our character and helps us

to connect with and form relationships with others. In a nutshell, it can give us the strength to be the people and parents our children need us to be. That may sound like a hard sell. It could turn out to be a "miss," but if your kids will do yoga, why won't you?

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