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The word or intention of the month is acceptance. Acceptance actually has several meanings, but the one yogees is embracing this month is, "it is what it is.” To us, this meaning of acceptance is synonymous with flexibility. Things don't always happen the way we intend them, therefore causing us to be more flexible and practicing acceptance of a situation or outcome.

As kids’ yoga instructors, we practice acceptance each and every day. Children have a uniqueness about them, as we all know. We, as parents and human beings, should accept this truth. We know each child is different. What is great for one child may not be so great for another.

We at yogees would like to take this opportunity to remind you what you already know; that each one of our children is unique and special in their own awesome ways. Some may not be as fast as others, or they may be the smartest kid in the class, or they may be very social or not so social, athletic, artsy or musically inclined.

I read once that kids are like a packets of seeds with no label on them. If this were true, you wouldn't know whether to put the flower seeds in the sun or shade. Do the flower seeds need lots of water or should we only water once a week? The point is none of us know what we are getting when our children arrive, but how lucky are we that we get them at all!! Let’s try to embrace that by accepting life as is, by being flexible. A parent that practices acceptance both of him/herself and their children, is the parent that ends up being the happiest. As always, thank you each for sharing your children with us.

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