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That was then... this is now: over a decade of summers with Swimmers by Jessica

Yogees yoga 4 kids started with a dream and a napkin on an airplane ride. Over the years, it has turned from one mom's dream of spreading love and the practice of yoga to her kids and others into a business that continues to thrive and grow, even through a global pandemic. A lot has changed over those intervening years. Growing from one mom and a bag of tricks into a national teacher training program, local program provider, and teachers spreading the love of yoga and mindfulness all over the US and even beyond!

Taylor recently reminisced about what has changed over the years in our summer programming with Swimmers by Jessica. For over a decade, Taylor and Jessica have partnered to bring swimming lessons, yoga, and fun to the North Dallas area out of a humble backyard pool. We have put together a "then and now" portrait of all that has changed over the years.

When yogees started teaching classes at our "Summer Studio", it was a garage. There were drop-

cloths on the floor under the yoga mats. Tools and bikes hung from the walls. Taylor taught all of the classes herself, often with her young daughters in tow. That first summer... 20 kids attended our yoga classes.

Now, fourteen years later, we see over 100 kids in the summer... many for multiple sessions and camp, too! We have carpeted the space, gotten new yoga mats, painted the walls and created a real yoga space! We have added fans, a portable a/c unit, and a mosquito screen. We have shot two promotional videos on site; have a staff of three including our Studio Liason, Jazmin; and each summer, we add something new. Mindfulness has become a core of our curriculum, as well.

Our little company is thriving because of our clients that keep coming back, sharing our programs with others, and because at yogees, we truly love what we do. We get up every day excited to share this practice with the little people in our communities. We get to plant trees that we might never see fruit... but we know that they will. We are thriving because of our love of community and because of you, our community. We can't wait to see what the next 14 years might bring! '


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