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The word "renew" means to make something new, fresh or strong again. We can look at this many ways when it comes to our life as yoga practicioners. Eighteen years ago this month, Americans had one of the biggest shocks of our lives.., a shock we, as adults, will never forget. Where we were, what we were doing and who we were with; I bet each one of us will have that memory in our head forever. We each took a moment after that event and asked ourselves, “how can we move forward and how can we renew our feelings of security?"

Almost 20 years later, we are moving again at a fast pace and sometimes not taking a moment to slow down and smell the roses. This is what yoga has taught me. It has taught me to slow down, stop and smell the roses. This is what we aim to teach children in each and every yoga class.

As the school year begins, summer turns to fall, and we start to settle down into a routine, please take a moment to renew your senses and think about how we can do that with our children. Yogees strives to teach kids to

believe in themselves and understand that each one of them can make a difference in this life. Give your child the opportunity to renew their year, week or day with us. Having yoga in your life is a constant reminder to live in the moment and walk around with a strong feeling for life.

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