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Fun Friday: Yoga Games for Families "Yogi Says"

When we teach yoga to kids at after school programs and for large groups, we often play games when we have time or in lieu of story time. One of our favorites that we love to share with classroom teachers and families is "Yogi Says". Many of us remember "Simon Says" from our school days. This variation allows us to add some Mindful Movement to our day in a fun and engaging way.

Pick a "yogi" to call out the actions. Remember, if the guide doesn't say "Yogi Says" before the action, DON'T DO THE POSE! Because there are no winners or losers in yoga, we have adjusted the rules. Everyone does all of the poses, all of the time. You can pass out popsicle sticks or some other "counter" and when everyone has lost one, the game is over!

Some ideas to call out are:

  1. Elephant breath

  2. Warrior 2

  3. Balance on 3 body parts

  4. Pat your belly

  5. Sunrise/Sunset

  6. Dragon

  7. Chair Pose

  8. Give yourself a hug/ Eagle arms

  9. Giraffe (Side angle pose)

  10. Volcano breath

  11. Cobra Pose

  12. Dad reading the paper pose (standing pigeon)

  13. Rub your head

  14. Yogi Jumping Jacks (hop from Mountain to Star)

  15. Dancer Pose

  16. 5 second dance party

  17. Falling star (Star with one leg lifted)

  18. Happy Baby

  19. River (seated forward fold)

  20. happy baby

  21. Warrior 3

  22. Table

  23. Slide

  24. Wiggle your fingers

  25. tiptoe balance

  26. Downward dog

  27. Two foot hop

  28. Bamboo pose

  29. Shake your leg (R/L)

  30. Cow face arms

  31. Cat/Cow

  32. Triangle pose

  33. Pirate Pose

  34. Airplane Pose

  35. Dolphin pose

  36. Lion roar

  37. Shark Pose

  38. Super hero pose

  39. Cross body hand to knee touches

  40. Pat yourself on the back

  41. make a funny face

  42. Gorilla

  43. Windmill (wide leg fold twist)

  44. Twist at your waist

  45. Rag doll

  46. Lunge with a twist

  47. Tree

  48. Frog

  49. Balance on your toes in a squat

  50. Karate kid kicks

You can write these on cards and draw them at random, or simply use the list to call out names. Either way, you are SURE to have a ton of fun!


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