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Why should MY kiddo do yoga?

It’s hard being a kid, nowadays. Extracurricular activities, academic demands, friendships and even parents are difficult to navigate for a child. A yoga mat, studio, or class can serve as a retreat for a child from the pressures and stress they face daily.

Practicing yoga has been shown to improve focus and attention. Yoga requires concentration. While some kids might find this challanging at first, the more they practice, the easier it will be for them to focus. Yoga and play allow children to learn bodily self-awareness. Children develop more self-awareness by deliberately moving the body and thinking about the way it feels. Yoga gives children the opportunity to take a time out and slow down in a fast paced world.

Yoga positively affects the body in so many ways. If practiced on a regular basis, one can improve balance, agility, strength, confidence, endurance and flexibility. One of the main points of yoga is the breathing technique. In yoga, the breathing is slow, deep breaths that can be used to calm the body in stressful situations.

The fact that yoga does not always have to be serious is what makes it exciting for kids. They even get to enjoy a bit of silliness through body movement and poses, without competing with friends. With our busy, usually chaotic and occasionally stressful lives, it’s no wonder yoga for children and adults alike is on the rise! Kid’s yoga classes can offer many benefits for kids’ minds, bodies, and souls! So why not consider the art of yoga for your children! You will not be disappointed, nor will they!

Let’s get down dog!

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