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All I Needed to Know About Life, I Learned from Crow Pose

Misty In Crow Pose

Bakasana (crow pose)

I remember how scary this pose once was for me. The fear I had of falling flat on my face, hurting myself or just simply embarrassing myself because I couldn't get it was sometimes overpowering! This one arm balance has taught me some of the most empowering lessons a person can learn and has become a sweet, old, familiar friend!


What did Crow Pose teach me?

1. To trust myself and trust that I can pick myself back up when I fall.


2. To let go. I have to let go of my fear and just try! Let go of yo ego that says you might fall think to yourself: : "What if I fall? Oh but darling what if you fly?" - Erin Hanson


3. To be humble. Yoga opens up a place that undoubtedly teaches you how to be humble. Each time I'm on my mat, I get a straight up lesson in humility. There is no room for me and my ego on the same mat!!


4. To find strength. I find an inner strength to believe in myself and let self doubt go. I also find physical strength to find control, balance and breath.


5. To find compassion for myself and honor my body where it is! Each and every day is different. What I may be able to do and accomplish one day I might not be able to the next. This may not be the best version of Bakasana or even my best version, but it was where I was at that day and I'm happy with that!! Find compassion with yourself... you deserve it!


6. Last but not least, persistence. Nobody gets better without practice! You just have to keep trying, There are no winners or losers in yoga....all you have to do is try! That's why its called a yoga "practice". "We will always be students and never a master, you have to keep moving forward" - Conrad Hall.


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