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Mindful Bite: An Attitude of Gratitude

At yogees yoga 4 kids, mindfulness is a part of our daily yoga practice. Some days, it even takes the place of doing poses, depending on what our bodies are asking from us. One of the easiest, and most profound, mindfulness practices is gratitude. Simply taking a moment to be thankful for even the smallest things can cultivate an attitude shift in the practitioner. Right now, it can feel challenging to find things for which to be grateful. It seems that so many of the activities and tasks associated with "back to school" are irreparably changed. If we try, however, we can find gratitude in those challenges and lessons.

Sit down with your child and discuss a challenge that they are struggling with right now. For my own son, it is the amount of time tied to the computer for "live" lessons and how hard it is to stay engaged. We talked about how we can be grateful that we are allowed a choice to stay home, to stay enrolled at our beloved school, and to still have some interaction with friends and beloved teachers, even if it is online. Now, full disclosure, it did not change the fact that there are challenges... it did, however, give him a feeling of courage and ownership over shifting his negative feelings and choosing an attitude of gratitude. What challenge can you shift with your family today?


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