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Check. Breathe. Move.

As a yoga educator and mom to two beautiful humans ages 20 and 17, back to school 2020 has had its challenges like everything else these days.  Thursday, March 12, 2020 things started to get real.  My 20-year-old came home from Washington, D.C. with a week's worth of clothes. Spring break was no longer going to be in LA with her best friend & sister... they were all going to be in Dallas, with me.  I have to say, I was selfishly happy that I was getting this opportunity to be with my girls.  I was so mindful that we were okay, safe, and happy together. We were more than lucky.  Everyday, I felt we were so lucky.  We lived in the present.  

Back to school 2020 looks different everywhere.  It is not for one person to decide how each of us feels.  This has never been more true than today.  My older daughter is back in DC. She is taking a few classes, working, and trying to be a regular 20-something again.  She has been, for the most part, a pleasure and a contributor while at home.  She worked on her cooking (almost every meal) and grocery shopped... many life skills that she needs to be on her own.  But, she was ready to be among her friends and live her life, taking the precautions to keep safe right now. 

My younger one is a Senior in high school this year. Who knows what her year ahead will look like?  Her school, like most, has many senior traditions. Who knows if or how those activities will take place? She has decided not to go back to school in person. She does not feel comfortable or easy around lots of people right now.  Her father, bonus parent, and I are letting her lead us.  Again, how each one of us feels is okay.  

I once read, “it's not that we have lost our sense of reality... we have lost our illusion of certainty. We never had certainty to begin with.” Think about it. We really never know what is going to happen; we just plan as though we do.  My thoughts are that as we begin to grow,  together we can grow and intertwine in a more peaceful, mindful way.  In yoga we talk about the importance of being supple.  The ability to take a deep breath and move just a little bit further.  We have such an amazing opportunity to bring more moments to the present and to embrace how we feel, take a deep breath, and move.

How will you embrace the uncertainty? Take a breath, check your emotions, and move through.      


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