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Something I learned during our children’s yoga training was to ask a question of the day. But end it with the word -TODAY. How do you feel TODAY? What is your favorite color TODAY? When I started doing this with the kids in my yoga classes, I could see a small realization that they have this moment in their day to change their mind. Just be a kid. No wrong answers. To know that just being themselves is all that matters in that space and there is no competition or judging when we do yoga together.

With sports, activities, school and testing, kids are stressed these days and can become overwhelmed. Just by asking a question and ending it with TODAY, gives them an opportunity to slow down and BE in that moment. It is a great way to start your conversations with your kids. That extra emphasis on TODAY will catch their attention and you may get a more detailed answer than you expected. I know that I treasure those unexpected moments with my kids.

This applies not just to our kids, but to ourselves. I know that I have moments where I look around and I just need to assess how I feel TODAY. No one is ever going to feel happy all the time. But when we are aware of how we feel, it makes handling it so much easier. What do I need to do to help myself? It could be yoga, kickboxing or just curling up in bed. I do all 3! While we worry about our kids and family, it is just as important to have self -care. So don’t forget to ask yourself how you feel TODAY. Love your family and love yourself.

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