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Embrace Joy

As a mother of two active, inquisitive and energetic boys I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed. There is a never-ending list of potential activities, housework, projects and errands. But I find whenever I allow myself to stop multitasking and trying to make it all happen, I experience the most beautiful and pure moments filled with joy, gratitude and unconditional love. Sometimes it’s as simple as listening to my boys when they laugh. There is nothing like the uninhibited laughing of children. There is pure joy in that sound and one can’t help but smile. I also love watching my children achieve something new for the first time even if it’s something as simple as building a block tower or stirring pancake batter. The moment they realize this accomplishment there is an unabashed pride and burst of delight that they in no way try to hide. I thing as adults we often gloss over these accomplishments and moments of bliss and simply move on to the next task at hand. One of the many reasons I love teaching yoga to children is the fact that joy is almost always a part of the practice. Whether it’s a moment of silly laughter or newfound ability, children naturally take the time to embrace joy. But joy is not just for children. We all need joy in our lives even if it comes in the smallest of doses and perhaps only recognized by one’s self. “Let your joy be in your journey, not in some distant goal,” – Tim Cook.

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