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Yoga is a practice. We read this, we hear this and for those of us that do yoga, we live it. We KNOW. We know that it opens our minds as we concentrate on our breathing. We know that we will feel more limber after practicing yoga on a regular basis, that our hips won’t feel so tight. We see the difference yoga makes in our muscle tone and in our posture. We feel the renewed energy that practicing yoga brings, we even eat and sleep better. When yoga becomes more than an occasional class but a practice; a part of our lives, we notice everything mentioned above but does yoga give to us in other ways too? Absolutely.

Yoga gives us time to ourselves a place to simply be or to connect with friends. Yoga keeps our minds keen, lowering our chances for dementia and Alzheimer later in life. Yoga gives us a low impact exercise that can be the gateway to a total life style do over and the bonus track is that the whole family can participate: any age and any level of fitness can do yoga, anywhere, it is even safe to practice while pregnant. Even beyond these points, yoga teaches about selfless giving, giving without expecting anything back in return. It promotes community and many places exist purely on donations or allow students to come for free if they cannot afford the price of the class. Yoga IS giving, yoga is love, and yoga is peace.

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