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Rainy Days and Mondays

or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, days that are too hot... They always get a kid (and their parents!) down. Most of us don't want to spend the whole day in front of the TV or with our heads in the electronic devices. Actually... that's EXACTLY what we want to do. Often, however, those kiddos need to get the energy worked out before they wreck the house! Besides heading to a play-place at a fast-food joint, what can you do? Here are some things we do at CASA de Hopper to help get the wiggles out...


Put on the radio, a cd or Pandora and DANCE! The worse your dance moves, the better! At our house, disco is king, as well as anything on KLUV radio as we live in DFW. We move the furniture, grab our play microphones, and sing and dance away!


I know, I know. But, it works. Just sayin'.


No kidding. Sweatin' to the oldies, Jane Fonda, we do it all. The sillier and funnier, the better. Dust off the VCR if you have to. If you have a treadmill, let the little walk at super slow speed one minute, then you run for one minute. Trade back and forth, keeping track of mileage. Then use a map app to figure out how far you would have walked had you been outside!


There are a lot of yoga games, but you can make one yourself at home with a printer and some cardstock. Print and cut the cards, shuffle, then take turns drawing cards and deciding how long to hold the poses! These on Etsy are only a few dollars and are super cute! If you want bilingual cards for free, click here. Or, you can try a kids yoga obstacle course!

After, make a nutritious snack and voila... you have a fun-filled and active afternoon! Now, feel free to veg in front of the Disney Channel the rest of the day!

Wednesday Fish Pose

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