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Practicing yoga has many physical and emotional benefits including improved energy. Vinyasa yoga is a particularly energizing form of yoga in which movement is synchronized to the breath. The poses flow from one to another in a way that is almost like dancing.. As mentioned, Vinyasa flow focuses on the importance of breath; there is quite a power and impact of consciously inhaling and exhaling . Your body will thank you. Yogees Yoga 4 Kids is a wonderful stepping-stone for children to begin their own yoga journey. Even better, is that parents and children, can begin to enjoy doing yoga together forming a unique bond and an appreciation for healthy living. Listed below are some Vinyasa yoga poses, that when practiced together, have shown to increase energy as well as balance and flexibility. We encourage you to try these poses along with your children!

1) Mountain Posture to Upward Salute 2) Upward Salute to Forward Fold 3) Forward Fold to Plank Pose 4) Plank Pose to Downward Facing Dog 5) Downward Facing Dog to Upward Facing Dog 6) Upward Facing Dog to Child’s Pose

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