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Why should kids do yoga?

Why children’s yoga? Children’s yoga is beginning to catch on like wildfire, the many benefits are being realized and fortunately, Yogees Yoga 4 Kids founder, Taylor Yoss recognized this (years ago) and her children’s yoga company has fast become a go-to name when introducing Dallas area children to yoga.

Yoga is often the place I go to for “me” time. To quiet my brain from the humming of a very busy life that includes 5 pets and an extremely active and athletic (almost) ten-year old daughter, not to mention a full time job. Years ago, I would have never thought to share my adult yoga practice with my child. However, after watching Taylor work with children at the school I taught at for years and finally taking her YY4K school’s first 20 hours of children’s yoga training, I realized how special sharing yoga with children is.

Today’s world is a fast paced one, children are busy and they are exposed to so much more at such an earlier age. The amount of work in school increases every year and pressure builds, much like it does for adults. Introduce yoga to your children at an early age and they will quickly learn more than poses and increase their flexibility, coordination and strength but they will learn how to self soothe and their confidence will increase. Children can utilize yogic breathing techniques in their everyday lives, before a test, at bedtime or during any period of time when they need to calm down and become more mindful. Yoga, a practice grounded in acceptance and kindness will teach children to love their bodies and think beyond themselves. Children’s yoga provides a sanctuary from competiveness where children can learn something at their own pace, where everyone is a student and no one is an expert. Yoga’s benefits continue to be discovered. Our children are our greatest assets, let’s share with them, what so many adults have already discovered. Who knows what the future may look like if more of our children grow up as yogees rather than become one later in life.

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