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Smart Tools

Is an application that does what the name suggests. That is a really very smart app. This is because with only one application you can do many things.

Start by measuring the meter, and everything else. This application has also been equipped with a variety of interesting features. This will help you to solve various problems.

Screen mirroring cash Phone To TV

Some of us may be dissatisfied with the relatively small phone screen. Now to overcome this you just need to use this screen mirroring application.

Because it allows you to transmit a small phone screen to a much larger TV screen with definitely better quality. Thus you can access all types of files that exist.

Starting from photos, game applications, and so on. That means that through this application each user can enjoy collections of family photos together on a large TV screen.

And interestingly, you can also use this application to watch shows on your cellphone but with a TV screen.


Has anyone heard the name of this application? So, this one of the most advanced Android applications is a paid application. To use it you only need to pay 47,000's.

free download android apps - The function of the application itself is to turn on and also turn off various Android functions.


Some of us may have thought of sending messages via computer. Yes, right? And actually it is quite impossible.

But with advanced technology and the presence of this application, who would have thought that from now on you can send SMS via PC or computer. Interesting isn't it?

And the message you receive on the computer screen will be the same as when you received it on the cellphone. Even the application will also provide notifications when there is an incoming message.

If you are curious and want to try it, you can just download the application right now.


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